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Electroride has taken over sales and support of Crystalyte products to help past ElectricRider customers. ElectroRide is an entirely different company and is not subject to any warranty support or legal issues from products purchased under Electric Rider. ElectroRide is here to help with replacement parts at cost and ElectricRider sold their domain to help past customers with Crystalyte after going out of business. ElectroRide has their own batteries and never sold or any thing to do with ElecticRider batteries. We do not provide support for batteries purchased under ElectricRider in past. We can help with replacement chargers if needed.

Electroride has recently become a provider for Google X ( so we are expanding our tech team.
Glide Cycles ( is our new partner for repairs and additional tech support.
Explore our current offerings for Crystalyte and our own Enduro Geared Hubs and Glide Cruisers below.

     LEVs were the first practical EVs the general population could afford when ElectroRide started in 2002 (and in 1998). Today, the majority of our trips are still less than 30 miles - easily within the range of most e-bikes considering the latest advances in affordable next-gen lithium batteries.
Clean, quiet, and efficient LEVs offer the advantages of an extra car without the burdens. Why not get a little fresh air and leave the car at home?
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