Discover your electric bike, folding bike, custom battery, and eBike conversion kit at ElectricRider!

Whether you ride an electric bike as your way of transportation for your job, or simply ride to have fun. No matter what lifestyle it is we can assist you in finding the best ebike, ebike kits, and batteries that will get you on the road in a comfortable manner.

Our main focus for over a decade is manufacturing high performance electric bike kits, such as the 45MPH 72V Phoenix system, by far one of the FASTEST systems on the market today. In addition, we sell BionX , BaFang, and a few other kits sold by other manufacturers simply to suit a broad range of customer's needs. All of the products can be combined with other methods of transportation, simply to develop your mobility and reduce the time it takes on any daily commute.

With our exclusive line of Lithium Batteries you have the flexibility to choose whether you want a more cost effective (LiFePO4) battery or the smallest and lightest (LiMn) battery. Since all lithium batteries are designed and assembled right here in our shop, we are able to assure the highest quality on every battery we build, and can offer services such as custom design for no extra charge!

We encourage you to transform your lives, and by that the lives of the people around you will, and thus changing the way we commute in our day-to-day lives. For ourselves, our environment, and our loved ones!

We are located at 1301 Pulliam St. San Angelo, TX 76903. Hours are 9-5 Monday thru Friday, and closed on Saturday & Sunday.

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- Electric Fat Bikes up to 3000W now available!!

-We now offer to rebuild BionX batteries (pre-2009). Contact us to see if your battery qualifies, and you can even upgrade!

Lithium Manganese 72V 20AH Battery for Electric Bikes Lithium Manganese 48V 20AH Battery for Electric Bikes
Our Price: $1,299.99
Fedex Hazmat Fee $28.50
Our Price: $799.99
Fedex Hazmat Fee $28.50
72V 20AH Lithium Battery for Ebike 48V 20AH Lithium Battery for Ebike
LiM7220-26 LiM4820-26
LiFePO4 Lithium 36V 15AH Clydesdale Edition Battery for Electric Bikes Phoenix II Electric Bike Kit - 900W to 3000W
Our Price: $579.99
Fedex Hazmat Fee $28.50
Starting at $639.99

phoenix ii electric bike kit
LiF3615-14 X2-KM
Mid-Drive Electric Bike Kit - BaFang 8Fun 500W Epic LEDs 7
Starting at $539.99
Our Price: $69.95
Mid-drive Ebike Kit Bafang 500W
BaFang Mid-Drive Ebike Kit - 8Fun 500W epicled-7