ElectricRider is the home of the popular high performance Phoenix Electric Bike Conversion Kits and high quality Lithium Batteries . ElectricRider can power anything from bikes and trikes to RickShaws and Pedicabs loaded with passengers! We stock hundreds of Parts to support and service major brands like Phoenix, Crystalyte, Wilderness Energy, Currie and others. Call us if you would like a recommendation based on your specific needs. Our expert staff can answer your questions, offer advice, and assure you get the best tool for the job!

- Electric Fat Bikes and Fat Bike Kits up to 3000W now available (Site under construction / call us)! *Longer 170mm and 190mm axles available by request for rear fat bike motors, just contact us and we'll take care of you!*

- BionX is in stock! Free shipping for limited time (excludes AK & HI)! ElectricRider is proud to offer BionX Motor Kits, Parts, and Service.

Lithium Manganese 72V 15AH Battery for Electric Bikes LiFePO4 Lithium 36V 15AH Electric Bike Battery
Our Price: $1,099.99
Fedex Hazmat Fee $28.50
Our Price: $579.99
Fedex Hazmat Fee $28.50
LiM7215-22 LiF3615-14
Phoenix II Electric Bike Conversion Kit - Crystalyte H35 Series Triangle Battery Bag for Electric Bikes
Starting at $639.99

Our Price: $64.99
X2-KM Triangle battery bag for electric bikes keeps weight low and centered
LiFePO4 Lithium 48V 15AH Electric Bike Battery Lithium 36V 10AH battery replacement for Bionx Systems
Our Price: $729.99
Fedex Hazmat Fee $28.50
Our Price: $479.99
LiF4815-14 BionxRebuild