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BaFang 8Fun electric bike conversion kit | mid-drive electric powered biycycle motor

The BaFang 8Fun Mid-Drive bike kit is one of the only mid-drive- electric bicycle conversion kits around, utilizing your rear cassette or freewheel gears as part of the motor drive system, much like a transmission in a car. Offering both pedal assist and throttle mode configurations, and a great LCD screen with plenty of options, ElectricRider is proud to be one of the few offering these options for our customers who want to convert a bike with a more modern look, and without sacrificing performance to do so. We discovered when riding a mid-drive it adds a smoother feel to the ride, compared to a lot of other systems in the market today. BaFang mid-drive systems are highly efficient when it comes to power AND range, offering the most and the best of both worlds. With a very affordable price-tag, what else could you ask for? All BaFang kits are backed by our 1 year warranty, leaving you with a great peace-of-mind and worrie-free ride.

What does it feel like to ride a BaFang 8Fun Mid-Drive?

“Powerful! Smooth & Relaxed ride”

“It works effortlessly. Simple and easy to operate”

The excitement of riding your BaFang 8Fun for the first time – as soon as you roll the throttle, the torque catches you by surprise as you are boosted by a one-of-a-kind electric motor – one of the first and few in the market today! With a mid-drive system you will gain the control back of being able to use the gears again, unlike traditional ebike kits. A BaFang 8Fun system provides power to the rider, knowing they have the choice of how fast or slow each commute is!

Choose your BaFang 8Fun Mid-Drive motor kit!

In addition to your conversion kit, don’t forget to choose your battery! ElectricRider is proud and unique in that we build our own lithium batteries to assure quality, and the best long-term support. When purchasing a battery from ElectricRider, you are supporting American job growth and also have the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re receiving a high quality product with high quality support. We will be here when you need us.

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