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Complete Electric Bikes by ElectricRider bring excitement to your ride with amazing acceleration and speed. With focus on performance and reliability, ElectricRider's complete E bikes like the high performance Phoenix Paratrooper electric bike or Enforcer electric bicycle offer a far different experience than most other motorized bikes on the market. There's no question about it, we love power!

The 7240 Phoenix Paratrooper Folding Electric Bicycle can cruise at 50+ MPH, making it a serious electric commuter. Phoenix Paratrooper Electric Bikes are very cost effective. ElectricRider challenges you to find another electric bike powered by Lithium Manganese or LiFePO4 Batteries with a lower cost per watt. Since the Phoenix Paratroopers are really a Montague Paratrooper Frame that folds plus any of our Phoenix Conversion Kits installed and ready to ride, you get a fairly customized system for your specific application. Choose one of the Phoenix kits, choose your lithium battery based on the range you require, and we build it, crate it, and freight it!

The Enforcer uses the G-Series Geared Hub Motor Kit of your choice. If you want great low-end torque with a top speed under 30 MPH, the Enforcer is the right choice. The G8 Geared Hub Motor offers a great balance of speed and torque, offering excellent hill climbing torque and a top speed of 27mph on a 26 inch rim. The G12 Geared Hub Motor offers an insane amount of torque and a top speed of 23mph on a 26 inch rim. ElectricRider manufactures G12 hub motors specifically for Rickshaws (Pedicabs) and other heavy-load applications. If you need that kind of torque, the G12 is the motor for you!

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Montague Paratrooper - High Quality Folding Bicycle - NOT electric B-ETC-US60 B-TE2402
1500W Extremely High Torque E-Bike for San Francisco Hills
1500W All Terrain Commuter for Street and Off-Road Use
1500W All Terrain Commuter for Street and Off-Road Use
1500W Extremely High Torque E-Bike for San Francisco Hills
PXP 2000W High Performance Commuter Electric Bike
Pcode: Urban-Escape-2KW
2000W High Torque Electric Bike for Trail Riding or Hunting
Pcode: Trail-Boss-2KW
3000W High Torque Electric Mountain Bike
Pcode: Mountain-Explorer-3KW
3000W High Performance Electric Bike for Long Distance and Speedy Commutes
Pcode: Country-Commuter-3KW
Stealth Fighter Electric Bike
Our Price: $7,900.00
StealthHurricane StealthFighter StealthHurricane4kw
Stealth Bomber Electric Bike
Our Price: $9,900.00