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Electric Fat Bikes are almost like something you'd expect to see in a movie, not only silent at high speeds (up to 45mph+) and powered by some of the latest in lithium battery technology, but with fat 4 inch tires to provide traction even in snow, steady and variable speed throttle control for smooth acceleration on slick surfaces and enough power to climb hills without help from rider. ElectricRider is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance electric motors and lithium batteries to power them. We have teamed up with a meticulous bike builder who is using our powerful hub motor systems on fat bike frames he knows are sturdy and built for the job. In this partnership we each focus on what we do best, resulting in a high quality, highly functional electric fat bike! Using ElectricRider's high performance Phoenix systems, the EFB product line offers everything you love about a fat bike.

The 4 inch wide tires provide better traction and balance while the 1200W-3000W Phoenix II electric hub motor keeps you moving in the right direction at up to 45mph at 3000W! The perfect combination of components for year round commuting, whether there's snow, mud, potholes, curbes, etc. Regular bicycle tires typically provide no traction for anything but smooth street or side-walk sufaces, but fat bike tires are wide enough to provide you as much traction and stability as you'll need to get through snow or ride on the more slippery surfaces we all encounter in winter. Potholes can quickly turn a perfectly round standard rim into an egg or taco, but fat bike tires provide enough rubber on the ground to act more like a car tire, even without any suspension on the bike. For off-road riding, there's just nothing better than a fat ebike. Rocks, stumps, roots, sand dunes, snow, mud, and everything between can be conquered with the new EFB electric fat bicyles! Join the rapidly growing community of fat electric bike riders and you'll find yourself surrounded by beautiful scenery in places you never considered riding before!

Different battery and performance options are available. Since our Phoenix motors are used for the EFB 4.0 Series Fat Bikes, any of our Phoenix II conversion kits can be used, as long as you're willing to wait for a custom build (1-2 weeks usually). So if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let us know and we can likely make it happen! Get it done your way, get it done right, and benefit for many years to come!

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