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VeriBest and Soneil battery chargers for Lithium batteries or Sealed Lead Acid batteries. LiFePO4, LiMn and other lithium battery chemistries may require a different charge voltage. All lithium battery chargers are set for LiFePO4 voltage by default, but can be adjusted for other chemistries by request. VeriBest Chargers all have an aluminum case, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, and universal input. Some Soneil chargers have the same features while others do not. See Soneil charger spec sheets for details.

Soneil and VeriBest chargers have a 1 year warranty provided by ElectricRider. Volume pricing is available by request.
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AU-095 VB12030 1202CC
1202S Li-12040 Li-24020
VB24020 1206S Li-36020
VB36020 2404-N 2404S
2405S Li-24040 Li-48020
VB24040 VB48020 VB48020-PP
Li-36040 VB36040 2403SRD
Li-48040 VB24060 VB48040
AU-365 Li-48040PC VB48040
VB24080 VB36060 1212SR