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ElectricRider takes pride in offering all the parts needed to service the electric bikes and conversion kits we sell. For us, it isn't a good product if you can't buy parts for it, so we've always maintained a good inventory of plugs, wires, extensions, screws, nuts, rims, spokes, and much more. Our Phoenix systems and other high performance electric bikes are meant for everyday commuting, so stocking all these parts is a crucial element of after-sale support and keeping our systems running past the 50,000 mile mark! If you can't find the part you need on our site, give us a call.....chances are we probably have what you need.
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Zip Ties
Our Price: $0.19
SpokeWasher ChainLink X-ZipTie
X-ScrewPX X-ScrewPX-B X-ScrewPX-E
20A ATO Fuse
Our Price: $0.70
X-ScrewRR X-fuse20 X-LockWashPX
40A ATO Fuse
Our Price: $0.80
X-fuse40 HeatShrink.017 PlugXLR
Splitter25 X-Jumper X-Velcro2
Nickel-10 X-SlotWashPX X-NutPX
X-NutRR X-NutSP X-Clamp1
Nickel-25 X-Plug2F X-Plug2M
X-Plug3F X-Plug3M X-Plug4F
X-Plug4M X-Plug5F X-Plug5M