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Pedicabs, Rickshaws, Cargo Trikes, and Delivery Vehicles don't need to go fast but they need a lot of torque - especially starting up hills loaded. The Phoenix II Brute Conversion Kit has been powering these vehicles reliably for years, and continues to be the most popular electric pedicab kit to date. Over the years, ElectricRider has experimented with many different systems on pedicabs including high torque geared motors, but the Phoenix II Brute always comes out on top. Just as important as torque, pedicabs need an extremely reliable system that can hold up to the heavy loads they constantly carry. Pedicabs and delivery vehicles are naturally abusive to any drive system, considering they are not only used to haul some serious weight, but are typically in service for 8hrs a day. The Phoenix Brute 4840 is the only system that is not only powerful enough to be useful in the electric pedicab application, but is also beefy enough to handle the day to day commercial use of an electric pedicab without skipping a beat.

If you're looking to electrify your pedicab, delivery vehicle, or any other vehicle in need of a high torque electric motor, you will most likely want the Phoenix II Brute 4840 on a front 26 inch wheel. Most pedicabs require wire extensions to reach all the components, which ElectricRider can supply as well. To power your Phoenix Brute, you'll most likely want a 48V 20AH LiFePO4 battery to power it. If you have any questions about what's best for you, don't hesitate to call (325-227-6903) or write us ( and we'll get you squared away!

Don't take any chances.....pedicabs and delivery vehicles can't afford down time. With the 4840 Phoenix Brute you can relax knowing it's going to power ON everytime you're ready to go!

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