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Q: Why would anyone want to invest in an electric bike?

A: We could laundry list all the reasons why, but to keep it short and sweet most people purchase an electric bike for means of transportation that is cost-effective in the long term aspect, environmentally friendly, and simply an alternative to a car or public transit (i.e. bus, taxi, etc.).

Q: How do I care for my battery and bike if not used often?

A: The bike, just like any other bike can be left alone as long as it is stored in a safe area (i.e. garage) where the weather such as rain won’t damage the frame and accessories on it. Now as for the battery these must be charged every so often (i.e. bi weekly or monthly) simply to keep the cells from going “dead”. Generally speaking with any battery if you leave it sitting for an extended period of time, eventually the cells within the battery will “self-discharge at different rates, causing the cells to become unbalanced from each other. Store your battery at room temperature, leaving it in an open garage with no heat during the winter months will also lead to rapid “self-discharge”, leading to you finding a battery that won’t charge next time you want to go for a ride.

Q: How much range can I get out of my battery?

A: There are various factors to consider when answering this such as terrain per area (hilly or flat), weather, weight, power of ebike system, and type of battery (Amp Hour). The general “rule-of-thumb” is 1 Amp Hour = 1 mile without pedaling at 48V with our 4840 Phoenix system. You’ll get a higher mileage/AH with higher voltages and a little less mileage/AH at lower voltages.

Q: Which system should I get Brute or Cruiser?

A: Few things to consider is your preference of wanting torque or speed, the wheel size you’ll be converting, and also your terrain. Basically the Brute will give you the most torque to get up steep grade hills sacrificing speed to do so, and vice-versa with the Cruiser you’ll get the most speed possible but sacrificing some torque to do so. Both motors look identical from the outside, and weigh the same. You definitely don’t want a Cruiser when you have to ride up and down hills to get to your destination, unless you happen to have a 20 inch wheel. Now if you’re looking just to get some speed out of your ebike than we proudly and highly recommend our Cruiser system, one of the FASTEST ebike systems on the market today, but again, the extra speed means a sacrifice in torque. Don’t misunderstand though, the Cruiser still has a ton of torque, and the Brute can still do over 35mph with the 7240 on a 26 inch wheel!

Q: Will I need a license or registration for my electric bike?

A: No. Under federal law electric bikes are considered the same as any other standard bicycle, with all the laws already being implemented on standard bikes, ebikes have to follow the exact same regulations. Now local and state laws may differentiate depending on area, so check with your DMV for any extra details.

Q: Is a case for my battery worth the investment?

A: Most definitely! Our cases are highly recommended because it is one of the most durable cases in the market today; taking into consideration the sturdiness it provides the battery while riding thus being a more comfortable ride to enjoy. The inner lining cushion also gives it the added protection to be waterproof if at any time you must ride in a drizzle (not recommended while pouring outside of course for safety) which protects the inner cells from being damaged. Great addition to add to make your battery last as long as possible!

Q: What is Topeak compatible?

A: First, there are two parts to answering this question. There is a Topeak "rack" and then there is the Topeak "rail" which together makes the quick-track system to provide a simple mounting solution. In addition it is very convenient because with the quick-track system it takes only a matter of seconds to install/remove. The Topeak rack is universal and fits on most bikes being sold today. All things considered, great thing to get simply to give you the peace-of-mind with the the extra protection it provides to your investment.