Frame Battery Bag for Electric Bikes

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This frame bag has Velcro bands on all sides that secure it to the frame, and remains under 4 inches wide to keep your knees from hitting the battery as you pedal. Since electric bikes can get fairly heavy when you get above 1000W, battery placement is one of the most important decisions you'll make during your ebike build. Top heavy electric bicycles are not as fun to ride, and they require more focus on balance which results in less focus on enjoyment. Having your lithium battery installed in the triangle of your frame offers a much cleaner appearance, and also offers some protection to the battery. If your electric bike falls over with a rack-mount battery, the battery might be the first thing that hits the floor, taking the full blow of the fall. With this new triangle battery bag, your ebike will be much less likely to fall over to begin with, and if it does, your handlebars will most likely take the hit, keeping the battery safe inside your frame.

There are two things you will want to verify before choosing this triangle frame bag; First, the triangle part of your frame must be large enough to hold the frame bag itself. Second, the battery you choose must be small enough to fit inside the bag.

The Following ElectricRider Lithium Batteries Can Be Built To Fit:

Lithium Manganese (LiMn): 36V 10AH, 36V 15AH, 36V 20AH, 48V 10AH, 48V 15AH, 48V 20AH

If you choose this triangle battery bag, you will likely also choose the Lithium Manganese battery chemistry which is much smaller and lighter weight than LiFePO4 chemistry. ElectricRider can fit up to a 72V 15AH Lithium Manganese battery in the triangle bag, and can fit most LiFePO4 battery packs up to 36V 10AH. ElectricRider can help you determine if this bag is right for your ebike project, so feel free to contact us if you aren't sure it will fit.


  •       Keeps battery weight low and centered for more enjoyable riding
    Discreet - keeps your electric bicycle looking more like a regular bike
    Fits most triangles where the rear suspension does not interfere
    Water-resistant material and zipper keep your battery safe from the elements
    Velcro straps make for easy installation
                    Water-proof zipper
Water-resistant battery bag, hole for wires is located toward front of bag on bottom
Top dimension: 15in
Seat tube dimension: 5.5in
Diagonal dimension: 8in
Width (between knees): 3.35 in